where I am currently at

Currently I feel as though I am at a crossroad when it comes to my project because I am to indecisive to stick to one definitive theme for my major project. At this stage the options I am eager and interested to explore include

*Breaking down masculinity and teaching ‘boys’ and ‘men’ about the importance of feminism as well as education around periods, contraception and abortions

*Exploring specific Human behaviours such as impulsiveness and supression

*loss of ones self due to over-engagement in technology

Example of design that educates children about periods-“The Period Game” by Daniela Gilsanz, Ryan Murphy (United States) Red dot 2016 winner.

“There is no standardised method to learning about one’s period, and as a result, many young women are unprepared and uncomfortable when the time comes. The Period Game provides a new option. The act of playing creates an open and engaging environment where players can learn and say words like “period” and “tampon” without the usual discomfort and taboos found in society. It teaches participants about what is happening in the female body, and how to “go with the flow.” The game uses abstracted representations of the female reproductive system, PMS symptoms, and various forms of sanitary protection to introduce players to these matters.”

Sourced from http://www.red-dot.sg/en/the-period-game/

I think this game is important as it does help break down the uncomfortableness that surrounds periods, Humour is a good way of exploring this topic however overall the game is designed more for a female audience base. I do think its incredibly important for those who periods don’t effect to have a good understanding of what goes on as it does impact the survival of both parties on this earth.




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